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Open Column Chromatography

The name open column chromatography is given to this particular chromatography is due to its open setup. There are two types of column depending on the size and the sample that is being used. Those are preparation columns and analytical columns. Preparation columns separate and purify large quantities such as grams or kilo grams. Analytical columns deal with very smaller quantities like milligrams and sub milligrams. The size of this open column chromatography mainly depends on the separation efficiency required by the user, size of the sample that is being used and the type of chromatography required.

Open column chromatography will be discussed as below.
  1. Partsof the column and its procedure of open column chromatography
  2. Mechanismof separation in chromatography
  3. Runningthe chromatogram
  4. Compoundidentification in chromatography

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