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Paper Chromatography

The mode of separation of paper chromatography is the partition and the basis for the separation is solubility. As in other chromatographic techniques this also has a stationary phase as well as a mobile phase. Both phases are liquids. Stationary phase is water that is tightly bound to the paper. Filter papers are used for this purpose and most common filter paper used is Whatman filter paper- 98-99% Alpha cellulose. The cellulose paper can well absorb water molecules. Fiber of cellulose acts as the stationary phase. Mobile phase is a solvent- solvent partially miscible in water. Paper chromatography is usually used for separating amino acids and anions and also testing histamines and antibiotics.

Paper chromatography will be discussed as in the following.
  1. Mechanism of separation in paper chromatography
  2. Procedureof paper chromatography
  3. Methodsof development in paper chromatography
  4. RFvalue in chromatography
  5. Spotlocation in chromatography
  6. Quantificationof compounds in paper chromatography

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