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Two Dimensional Techniques in Paper Chromatography

Two dimensional technique is another complex set up which is used to separate complex mixtures. In this method the development of the chromatogram is done as in the previous methods.
  • Solvent is placed at the bottom of the tank and the filter paper saturated with the stationary phase is then kept inside the tank. The development occurs up wards. But very slowly because it is against the gravity as well as the compound is a complex one.
  • After few hours the filter paper is turned 900 clockwise and the tank is filled with a different type of solvent. If there is no pronounced separation then development is proceeded to the “c” stage.
  • Again the filter paper is turn 900 clockwise and used another solvent. This will probably end up with a satisfactory separation. If not again it should be turned and use another solvent.

Although this will take some time, this allows a high degree of separation.

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Unknown said...

how to calculate rf value in 2d chromatography

Roshan Bhattarai said...

how to calculate rf value in 2d chromatography

Talha Meela said...

when the filter paper is turned 90 degrees clockwise, a new baseline is drawn

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