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What is High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) ?

A sophisticated HPLC machine controlled by software 

HPLC is unique highly sophisticated chromatographic equipment used to separate compounds that are dissolved in a solution. This is the reason why it is called High performance LIQUID chromatography. Also it is termed as High PRESSURE liquid chromatography is due to its mobile phase. Its mobile phase moves due to gravity. Unlike other methods HPLC includes all three sections in chromatographic equipment which are separation, identification and quantification. HPLC is an instrument or a machine which has all these three sections itself. At present HPLC methods are used that are controlled by software.

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mihretab09 said...

It is very interesting note about chromatography.
I want a detailed not about ultra performance liquid chromatography.If you can attach me files about it via

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Provide more information on how it works with brix testing and density results also pH testing.

Unknown said...

Provide more information on brix testing and related density results also pH testing.

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