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Cladosporium Bio Assay in Thin Layer Cromatography

Cladosporium bio assay is another identification method specific for the detection of antifungal compounds. Anti-fungal compounds are the substances that can act against fungi. In this assay Cladosporium spp. are used because of the characteristic features of their mycelium and the spores. The mycelium and spores of Cladosporium sp. is dull black in colour. This feature detects the anti-fungal compounds in contrast. 

The spores of Cladosporium sp. (Microscopic view)

The mycelium of Cladosporium sp.

First a chromatogram was performed with the substances that are having different anti-fungal activities. Next a suspension of conidia of Cladosporium sp. is prepared. Then this is sprayed over the TLC plate. The TLC plate is then incubated. After incubation some areas can be seen in white where as rest of the whole area is black in colour. The black colour is due to the development of conidia of Cladosporium sp. White areas are the places where anti-fungal compounds are present. This happens when the anti-fungal compounds kill the Cladosporium spores. Some times in some places the intensity of the black colour has reduced. This happens when the anti-fungal compounds suppress the growth of Cladosporium sp.

The areas where anti-fungal activity suppresses the growth of Cladosporium sp.

The anti-fungal activity has killed the Cladosporium sp.

No anti-fungal activity. The dark black colour shows that the effect of anti- fungal compounds was not sufficient enough to suppress the growth of the Cladosporium sp. 

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