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Special Chromatography Techniques

  1. Reversed phase chromatography

A type of liquid chromatography. Mobile phase is more polar than the stationary phase (Not like other chromatography techniques)

  1. Pyrolysis gas chromatography mass spectrometry
       -    Resulting simple molecules are subjected to a gas chromatography and then to a mass spectrometry.
       -    Test sample is heated to decompose into smaller molecules.
       -    Separated by GC.
       -    Quantified by mass spectroscopy

Pyrolysis:    Thermal decomposition of material in a vacuum material – quick heating 600- 1000 C

  1. Countercurrent chromatography
-          A type of liquid – liquid chromatography
-          Physical principle is solubility.
-          Samples separate due to partition coefficient
-          Types of CCC – HPCCC (High performance CCC) , HSCCC(High Speed CCC)
-          Column rotates during separation.

  1. Chiral chromatograph
-          Separates stereoisomer (Same formula with different arrangements)
-          A type of HPLC
-          Either mobile or stationary phase has to be Chiral.
-          Widely used in Pharmaceutical steroids.

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